May 132010

Our department is composed of twenty-one fully paid professional fire fighters and fourteen dedicated volunteers. The Fire Chief Darryl Anderson and Assistant Chief/Fire Marshal Alton Moses are administrative leaders of the department. Emergency services are provided by three shifts working 24 hours, 365 days a year.

The A shift is under the direction of Commander Deacon Tittel and Ed Dannenbaum (Interim). Commander Tittel’s major areas of responsibility are the coordination of the Department’s Training.  The B shift is under the direction of Commander Robert Kowis and Lt. Albert Figueroa. Commander Kowis has the responsibility of maintaining the station and emergency vehicles. The C shift is under the direction of Commander Michael Eisemann and Lt. Philip Dickinson.  C-Shift’s major responsibility is radio communication. The volunteer fire fighters are under the direction of Commander Rick Cortright.

The Bellaire Fire Department is organized into five decision units: Administration, Special Services, Fire Suppression,Emergency Medical Service and Volunteers. All these decision units play a major part in the mitigation, preparation, response and recovery phases.