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The complexity of our world with its myriad of synthetics, hazardous materials and high rise buildings makes fire fighting and emergency work today much more demanding than a few years ago. With the addition of emergency medical service, today’s modern firefighter must have physical skills as well as technical expertise to deal with the many types of emergencies we respond to.

All of our paid suppression personnel receive extensive training in fire fighting, hazardous materials, rescue, and emergency medical service. To be proficient in all these areas, our firefighters are required to undergo many hours of initial training in order to be qualified to serve our community. The initial training of a firefighter/paramedic involves over 450 hours of firefighter training and over 1000 additional hours of emergency medical training. In addition to standard paramedic training our department also requires that individuals obtain training in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Basic Trauma Life Support (BTLS), and Advanced Pre-hospital Provider’s Pediatric Course (PPPC). Besides the standard fire fighting and EMS training required of our personnel, many individuals have obtained more specialized training to become more skilled at their job. Several of our members are trained as law enforcement personnel,  have instructor certifications, hold arson certifications, and fire inspector certifications. In order to advance their current certifications, individuals must complete a number of additional training hours, which include specialized training and college courses. To retain their certifications and keep up with the constant technological changes in our profession, each individual must also receive a number of continuing education hours each year.

Besides maintaining continuing education requirements, our department performs fire pre-planning of various buildings in Bellaire including high rises, warehouses, mercantile and shopping centers. Pertinent information is obtained about each building including drawings and special hazard information so we will be fully prepared in case of a fire.

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